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Machine parts and product enclosures


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ABS-like material has the highest strength and hardness among ABS-like, PP-like and PE-like materials. Choose ABS-like when you need a strong, robust prototyping material that doesn't bend easily.


I recommend it for the following reasons.

・To a strong and solid prototype.

・For jigs and fixtures that need to minimize deflection

・When you need the strength and hardness of ABS


ABS-like products have higher strength and modulus of elasticity than PP-like and PE-like products, so they have higher stress and are less likely to deform even under load. Even when the stress limit is reached, ABS-like printed parts can be bent considerably before cracking after the stress limit is reached. It is suitable for the output of parts that require hard and high-strength physical properties, or external enclosures. It is recommended for practical and testing purposes.

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physical property data

Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

46 MPa

Tensile Modulus

2.2 GPa


Flexural Properties

Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus

1.9 GPa

Impact Properties

Notched IZOD

40 J/m

Unnotched IZOD

715 J/m

Thermal Properties

Heat Deflection Temp. @ 1.8 MPa


Heat Deflection Temp. @ 0.45 MPa


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

91 μm/m/℃

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