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About Quotation

There are two points of contact for a quote.

Easily and quickly quote and order quickly. For Everyday Use.

Upload your model data from the uploader at the top of the page and we will get back to you with the quote quickly.
After you approve the quote, we will send you the invoice soon.  We will start the printing process after you completed the payment.
This is a convenient quotation format for everyday use.

*The materials you can choose from "Easy Quote" are limited to general materials.
*The Printing quality (layer height) and the location of support objects cannot be specified.

Professional staff will consult your printing in detail. For Business Use.

This is a quotation form for those who wish to enter into an NDA (Confidentiality Agreement) or who wish to consult with us about printing materials, etc. Please fill out the quotation form, and we will flexibly respond to your needs after discussing with you about printing materials, including special materials, and printing quality.

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Please upload separate files for each model

 ・Please upload files separately for each independent model

 ・ If the data is found to be damaged, it may be returned.

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Estimate calculation formul

 Basic fee (¥2,500) + material price (/ml) x model volume


About Printed Models

You can choose from a variety of Printing materials according to your application. Only General materials can be selected from "Easy Quote". For general materials, we have a wide range of convenient materials that can be used with confidence in a general purpose. If you require Special materials with a limited application, please contact us form "Detailed Quote"

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The molding is always supported

   ・The product will be delivered with support. 
   ・If you don't want support for any part, please let us know on the form when you quote.
  ・Even after the support is removed, traces remain. It will need to be polished to get a clean finish.

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・The support can be easily removed with nippers or other tools.
・Remove it carefully so as not to damage the object.


About Delivery Date

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Normally, the shortest delivery time is 5 business days

 ・Please note that it may vary depending on the number of orders and data content.

 ・We will contact you at the start of modeling and shipping stage.
 ・The shipping cost is 800 yen (excluding tax). (Additional shipping costs will be charged for Okinawa and remote islands.)
 ・If you are in a hurry, please specify your desired delivery date on "Detailed Quote"

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